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Are you ready to explore the world beyond your wildest dreams?

GCI’s core values, drive, motivation and mission, is to be the best in its field of expertise. Our aim is to deliver results and provide solutions across the Fintech sector to some of the most advanced and leading-edge financial institutions around the globe.

GCI creates an environment, where our employees are valued, their goals and aspirations can be achieved and opportunity is there for anyone who is willing to embark on a journey with GCI.

With our global network of businesses, GCI can offer life changing opportunities, basing families in some of the most sought-after locations around the world. The USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand to name but a few. These are all countries where we have projects and as such have based families to support those projects effectively. We at GCI believe in family values, we encourage and are happy to arrange families to relocate together where possible. Often setting our employees and families up with full time Permanent residency status, and therefore a future in your chosen country.

We operate under a flat hierarchy system, every employee within GCI, from Graduate level to CEO, is important to us and is a valued member of our team. GCI’s core values are around family, support, development, training, improvement, striving to be the best and a willingness and acceptance that working hard leads to achievements both personally and as an organisation.

We believe our employees success, will bring the success of GCI, and the success of Temenos projects around the world with it. The ripple effect will bring the success of Temenos as an organisation, and therefore the whole Temenos family network around the world will benefit too.

If you are ready to take-up a new challenge, we are committed to providing you with the training, the opportunities and the ability to achieve your goals.

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